building a relationship with
Jesus Christ one step at a time.



Road Blocks Part 2

ROAD BLOCKSBecause the barriers to the inward journey will keep you from His presenceLast week we talked about the four barriers to our relationship with Christ. Let’s review those quickly.Emptiness (Psalm 107:9)Shallowness (Psalm 42:7-8)Sin (Psalm 1:1-2)Hurriedness...

Road Blocks Part 1

ROAD BLOCKS Because the barriers to the inward journey will keep you from His presenceOnly Christ can satisfy the hunger of the heart.  We must come to the table in the wilderness Hungry and be with Him. How nourishing is Christ to you?  Is He all you need?  Does He...



In the early 90’s, Steve and Flora had an encounter with God that radically and totally changed their lives. It affected their marriage, home life, church, even their work. The beginning, Walking with God Ministries was a process, to call the church back into a love relationship with Jesus Christ.

Let The Fire Fall

God wants to rain down fire from heaven. A sin purging, life purifying, spirit-induced fire.  The kind of fire that burns away a shallow spirit of religion permeating many areas of today’s churches.  This book will ignite a start in your for an unprecedented movement of God in your life.



Today, as an
international ministry,
WWGMI exists to

  • Encourage, train, develop, and mentor pastors and leaders to be all God desires for them, in life and ministry.
  • Assist pastors in leading their people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Enable those working in local churches to be more effective in their ministry, by training them for service, while they continue to be active in their local church.
  • Empower a passion for reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and developing disciples.
  • Provide online digital resources and training materials for those who desire an intimate walk with God in the marketplace.


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