The Dynamic of Transformational Leadership

Leadership Dynamic:

Transformational leadership seeks to create a positive change in those who follow.

The Lead Transformational Leader

  1. Decentralizes decision-making so that those closest to a ministry are the ones empowered to make the decisions for that area.
  2. Constantly cast vision.
  3. Effective transformational leaders align everything and everyone with the vision.
  4. Not happy with things as they are.
  5. A player-coach.
  6. Like Jesus, spend a lot of time with the core group.


Leadership Principle: A life in which anything goes will ultimately be a life in which anything goes.


The difference between leaders and followers.

LEADERS                                         FOLLOWERS

Initiate                                                 React

Lead                                                    Listen and wait

Plans and anticipates                           Spend time reacting to problems

Invest time with people                       Spend time with people

Calendar by priorities                          Calendar by requests


Evaluate: Many times priorities are not easily determined.  The following questions will help you to prioritize.


  1. What is required of me? What do I have to do that no one but me can do? Is it preaching? Probably not.  Then what is it?  It is vision casting.  As the leader you must cast vision for the future and lead the people where God wants them to go.
  2. What gives the greatest return? Am I doing what I do best? It is whatever contributes to the vision.  Everything you do should point directly at the vision and the place God want you to go.
  3. What is most rewarding? Our best work takes place when we enjoy it.


Leadership Principle: Trust is the foundation of leadership


            The leaders will need to trust the people and the people will need to trust the leadership.  Without it nothing will ever get accomplished.