How to Thrive at Eighty-Five

Leadership Dynamic: Realize your God is a lot bigger than your difficulties

(Caleb serves as a good example of three important spiritual qualities you need if your people are to thrive at “Eighty-Five.”   I believe many of your people, regardless of age, possess these three qualities in their spiritual walk with God.  And others who can develop these qualities if given a purpose to move beyond where they are to where God wants them to be.

  1. Peristence
  2. Endurance 

Today, we look at #3

  1. Courage­­ous.

Courageous is not running and hiding from your fears. Courageous is facing your fears and keep on moving forward.  I believe, if given the opportunity, your seniors will take on responsibilities given according to their gifts and move your church forward.  They will do it with glad and generous hearts.

Leadership Principle:

When you fight in God’s strength, you never retreat from the enemy.

Your people have two enemies you have to overcome.

  1. Defeat your grasshopper mentality.

Remember in Numbers 13 the committee of the twelve said, “We were as grasshoppers in their sight.”  The Israelites were small compared to their enemies.  They live inside walled cities and they walked on the walls to guard their territory.  When the Israelites saw them they became afraid. 

  1. Defeat your inner giants.

The Bible says, Caleb drove out from there the three sons of Anak: Sheshai, Ahiman, and Talmai, descendants of Anak. Joshua 15:14. These were Caleb’s giants.  To the average person these giants were impossible to defeat. They were strong, large, and ferocious.  But he knew with God’s help any giant could be slayed.  He was promised the victory and he was going to stand on that promise.  Let’s take a look at Caleb’s giants.

Amalakites (Anak) means “who am I.”  This is often the tactic of our enemy.  He will have you look at yourself and compare yourself to others.  When you look at yourself and not at God you will ask, “Who am I?”  How can God use me to defeat this enemy I am looking at.  Remember to tell your Amalakite how big your God is.  For nothing is too large for him to be victorious.

Ahiman means “what am I.”  Am I a grasshopper in their sight?  Is this obstacle too large for me to win?  You may want to share with your seniors that they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to overcome any obstacle.  Their benefit to the church is monumental.

Talmai means “what I can do.”  I am up in years.  God said, “I am old.”  But that was not telling him to quit.  It was telling him to move on to a new level.  To continue in his growth process.  You see, the minute you stop growing, you stop dying.  Caleb wasn’t ready to die.  He was ready to live.  Years ago I heard an old preacher say, “live as if you are ready to die and when you die, you will be ready to live.”

So when we look at Caleb’s obstacles this is how they measure up:

  1. Who am I? Ego
  2. What am I? Pride
  3. What I can do? Self Sufficiency


Philippians 4:13, I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me.