How to Thrive at Eighty-Five

Leadership Dynamic: Realize your God is a lot bigger than your difficulties

(Caleb serves as a good example of three important spiritual qualities you need if your people are to thrive at “Eighty-Five.”   I believe many of your people, regardless of age, possess these three qualities in their spiritual walk with God.  And others who can develop these qualities if given a purpose to move beyond where they are to where God wants them to be.

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There are 7457 promises in the Bible.  All of these promises belong to the people of God.  They are there for the asking and taking.  God gave them to us.  They are ours!  Every leader has the ability to use those promises to advance God’s work in our world.  But, you have to show them to a segment of people who are largely forgotten.

Here is the sad part of this principle.  Those who are in your church have gotten comfortable in doing nothing, because nothing has been expected of them.  They have not been asked or led to go beyond where they are.  But, you have a new generation that is coming up.  They are approaching those senior years.  Prepare them for the future.  Assist them in becoming those giant ships. But, prepare them for an ocean voyage.

  1. Endurance

Joshua was now old, getting on in years, and the Lord said to him, “You have become old, getting on in years, but a great deal of the land remains to be possessed” (Joshua 13:1).

Even at the age of eighty, God was still using Joshua and Caleb.  The Lord spoke directly to Joshua.  Look at what he said, “You have become old.”  God recognized that Joshua was now old. But he told him, “Joshua, you may be old, but there is much to be done.  A large part of the land has not be taken and developed.”

Caleb comes to the forefront.  He wants to be used and useful.  He wants to take the hill country.  He believes he can do it.    

Remember, Moses was eighty years old when he gave the promise. That was forty years earlier. Notice this principle, God not only preserved the promise for the man.  He preserves the man for the promise.


Leadership Principle:

When you follow God wholeheartedly you never retire.


Six times in the Bible it says, “Caleb followed the Lord with his whole heart.”  He was continually seeking God and he wanted to be useful.  The name Caleb means “to follow like a dog.”  He would never stop following the Lord.  He wanted God to tell him what he wanted done because he was willing to do it.

God wants every Christian to serve him.  To minister to the Lord should be the desire of every believer.  Serving the Lord is not a job, it is a calling.  In most churches they have a lot of senior citizens who feel the calling of the Lord to take the “high country.”  They need the pastor and or staff to help them in discovering their gifts and then place them in service according to their gifts.