The Dynamic of Transformational Leadership

Leadership Dynamic:

Transformational leadership seeks to create a positive change in those who follow.

The first transformational leadership principle is “not one but many.”  Today, we look at #2

  1. We” Not “Me”

The second mindset shift toward transformational leaders is from “me” to “we.” Transformational leaders know that every person can be used to fulfill God’s mission. Leadership is the stewardship to help others exercise their gifts, not just an opportunity for me to exercise my gifts. Clearly stated in Ephesians 4, the pastor’s role is to equip. The pastor must have a vision to help others align with God’s mission.

The transformational leader thinks team first. Everybody has a purpose. No one person’s personal purpose is more important than the biblical purpose of the team. Transformed church leaders have found a way to “win” by engaging every believer into the work God has assigned to them.

While there is significant variety in the leadership assignments I have experienced, I have seen four common themes emerge from building leadership teams: a compelling purpose, the right leader, the right team, and a conducive culture. The four characteristics I have experienced are simple but not simplistic. To the contrary, team building is certainly not an easy process. It takes significant planning, buy-in, and old-fashioned work.


  1. Empower Others.

The third mindset shift toward transformational leaders is from personal power to people empowerment. Pastors and leaders traditionally measure leadership by power. But power is overrated, particularly when it comes to deploying missionaries through a local church. Power must hold people close. When a leader has all the power, the people are demotivated to act. Powerful leaders make people skittish about making decisions.

Transformational churches share the responsibility in decision making. Make no mistake, the pastor is the leader. However, permission is given to act and to lead. Service moves beyond the time block on Sunday mornings to the rest of the week. The church becomes an army of leaders advancing the gospel into the community.


  1. Think Outside of Your Church

The fourth mindset shift toward leading transformational leaders is from building the church to building the kingdom of God. While God loves and values the local assembly of people called “the church,” transformational leaders are as concerned with the wider work of God’s kingdom as they are with the localized work of their individual congregation.

Transformational leaders have learned to trade in the small and trivial for substantive and eternal. Are you developing transformational leaders?


Next week we will talk about how to identify transformational leaders.