From Ordinary to Extra-Ordinary

Consider Those Involved

            A leader, whether effective or ineffective, has a profound effect upon those they lead, be it a class or a group.  When making decisions about leaders that are ineffective, consider all parties involved.  This point alone requires a leader to try to redeem another leader or worker.

            Someone who is ineffective may have an adverse effect on a particular situation.  In that case it may become necessary to find another place of service or relieve them of all responsibilities.  On one occasion a youth worker was having some marital problems.  One Sunday she spent most of the class time voicing her hostilities about her husband.  Her pastor tried unsuccessfully to help her through her problems.  Needless to say, they had to remove her from her position.

            On another occasion an entire class went to their minister of education to complain about the person who was leading them.  These young adults expressed disappointment in their leader.  It seemed he was never prepared to teach or lead.  He would tell them he had no time to study.  To complicate matters the teaching was boring.  It was decided that the pastor would discuss the situation with the teacher.  In the meantime, the class members would be so prepared on Sunday that the teacher would be forced to do better preparation.  Consider the group when dealing with leaders or teacher who are ineffective.


Remove the Leader or Worker

            This course of action should be used as a last resort.  If you work with someone who is ineffective, evaluated the situation, provided opportunities to improve, considered the group involved, and still feel that the situation calls for a change, then remove the worker.  This major point must be stressed.  The church is in the business of redemption.  Do all that can be done to redeem the ineffective leader or worker.  Remove the worker only if there are no other options.  There is a workable solution to every problem.


            The ineffective worker can either be a problem or a possibility.  It depends on you.  Overcome the barrier by developing a positive attitude.

            Understand why the leader or worker is ineffective.  Work with the ineffective worker.  There are ways to help the worker improve: prayer, proper enlistment, training, commendation, encouragement, or a change of position.  Doing these things will enable the church to overcome the barrier.  The problem can be changed into a possibility.