Motivating for Excellence

Leadership Dynamic:

Believe the best in People to acquire the best from people.

Sometime ago, while traveling out West, I visited a rural church on Sunday morning.  The members of the church did not know that I worked for their denominational agency.  As I drove into the parking lot, I noticed people milling around.  When I opened the car door, a hand reached out and a hearty voice said, “Welcome, we are glad you are here.  Let me introduce you to Deacon Smith (his real name).  He will take you to your Sunday School class.”  I was greeted eight times before I got inside the church building.  Three people even offered to enroll me in their Sunday School!  This is an extreme situation, but it reveals the excitement that needs to take place each Sunday.

On another occasion, while traveling in the South, I was scheduled to preach at a particular church.  I arrived about twenty minutes before their Sunday School began.  As people arrived for Sunday School not one person spoke to me.  I wandered through the halls during Sunday School.  No one offered to show me to a class or introduced themselves.  I passed the pastor in the hall and he never spoke.  He came by me three additional times and never spoke.  Finally, he came up to me and said, “Aren’t you speaking here today?”  After the service had ended and he had taken me to lunch he said, “Steve, can you tell me why my church is not growing?”  Boy, could I!

The way people are treated and how exciting the church is will either motivated people or send then on their way.  People want to be a part of that which is exciting and alive.  This is true for visitors, members, and workers.


Someone has said, “It’s the little things that count.”  Encouragement is one of those little things with big benefits.  Every day you come in contact with people with heartaches and burdens.  The fact is, people are hurting.  They are having family, financial, economic, and spouse problems.  They are encountering all kinds of difficulties.  They need encouragement.   Hurting individuals can be found almost anywhere; in the office, workplace, home, and the church.  God can use members and leaders to bring words of encouragement to these people.   Words of encouragement are words fitly spoken for the Master.

Motivating workers is not as difficult as we sometimes think.  There are important factors which bring about motivation at our fingertips.  Try some of these ideals on motivation.  They just might work for you.

Workers need to hear encouraging words.  Compliment them on the work they are doing.  If they struggle with their area of service or ministry, offer encouragement.  Be a support to the worker.  Encouragement is more than words, it is action.  That’s motivation!  The marks of excellence!



Sluggish, nonproductive workers can change.  They can be motivated.  Believe the best in people to acquire the best from people.  Motivate without heartache.

  • By example
  • Through competence
  • With consistency
  • Through teamwork
  • In goal setting
  • With follow-up
  • Through love
  • Being excited
  • With encouragement.

These are the marks of excellence.