Motivating for Excellence

Leadership Dynamic:

Believe the best in People to acquire the best from people.

Team Work

Everyone pulling together.  Does it seem on Sunday everyone is going in a different direction?  Are there as many activities occurring as they are individuals.  This happens because the team does not work together.  Involve people in the planning, conducting, and evaluating process of a project.  Make effective use of your leadership base.

Goal Setting

Many people are goal oriented.  Working for an organization or business can thrilling and exciting.  One thing businesses can do is to encourage employees to set professional and personal goals.  The desire of those in management positions should bet to see that employees mature and develop in their skills.  Classes and seminars can be provided to assist employees in developing to the best of their abilities.  Church leaders should provide the same type of opportunities for the workers in the church.  Help workers to set personal and spiritual goals.  Provided opportunities to assist in reaching their goals.

Workers can be led to set goals for their area of ministry.  Once the goals are set provide training to help them meet their goals.  Nothing breeds success like success.


By itself, goal setting is not enough.  Many workers will need guidance in achieving their goals.  If goals are reached, follow-up is a must.  This is probably the most difficult thing to do, especially in church, with workers.  Motivating workers to achieve goals requires strong leadership and encouragement.  The leader for their area or ministry should maintain an up-to-date file on every worker.  In each file keep a copy of the workers attendance record at both church and training events.  During the year the leader, over that area of work, should sit down with their workers and leaders and conduct a follow-up session.  These workers will grow and develop in their area of expertise.  It is important to remember that the person leading the session is helping the workers to evaluate themselves; determine development need of the workers, what improvement need to be made; and what training opportunities should be offered to assist them.

The follow-up session may go something like this.  Let’s suppose your church has a church-wide Sunday morning Bible Study.  The Bible study director, division director, or department direct will sit down with a particular worker and discuss that worker’s current situation.  “Joe, you received credit for three courses this year in outreach and ministry through our church.  Let me encourage you to read the following material.  This material will help you in organization and administration.”  Perhaps a worker has consistently missed leader training sessions.  Lead the worker to see the value of their participation.

Leaders are responsible for the spiritual development of the body of Christ.  Remember, you are working with volunteers.  It is important that you are tactful and very loving.  How can needed conferences and materials be provide if worker needs are unknown?

A work of caution needs to be stressed.  Never allow follow-up sessions to become opportunities to hamper a person’s character or spiritual development.  Control the desire to be critical.  These sessions must always be positive.