Churches today are in the midst of a gigantic struggle.  They struggle to survive, to stay alive, and to stand in the midst of opposition.  Each week the church is confronted with new challenges. Numerically and financially, the need for strong leaders is a consistent challenge.  The tragedy is that many churches do not realize they are not alone in the battle of survival.

Some strive to survive; others fight to hold on to what they have; still, others make small advances in outreach, evangelism, and growth.  Many churches are unaware of their situation.  Their leaders are blindly secure with statistics that do not change dramatically from year to year.  Their numbers may decrease one, five, or even ten each year.  What they do not realize is that their decline or maintenance condition leads them to stagnation, decay, and eventually death.  Their demise is a slow death like an insidious disease.  By the time some churches become aware of their condition it may be too late to reverse the trend.

Yes, many churches are in a contest to survive. Their spiritual and numerical growth does not come easy.  It is a daily battle to maintain a high level of commitment among the people.  A question is often asked: “Is it worth the effort?”  I can assure you, it is a thrill to lead a congregation to grow and reach people.  It is a joy to lead a church to feel the excitement of winning unsaved persons to Jesus Christ.

This video is for those who desire their church to follow “a more excellent way” in their development of leaders.

Possessing the marks of excellence will make an ordinary church extraordinary.  These marks can hopefully boost a church from a plateaued, maintenance, or even decaying condition to new heights of growth and excitement.  The ideas given can help any church to improve and grow strong leaders.

In their book, In Search of Excellence, Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Water, Jr. write, “The old adage is ‘nothing succeeds like success.’”  They continue by saying, “Mere association with past, personal, success apparently leads to more persistence, higher motivation, or something that makes us do better.”  The ideas presented in this series will enable you to have a quality church designed to succeed in reaching people.

We will give you ideas for improving your work.  Ideas are given on ways to stimulate and motivate leaders.  Many of these can be put to good use next Sunday!  This video series was developed with you in mind.